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Statistical Databases

Economic and Industrial time-series statistical databases sourced from authoritative commercial and institutional providers. Global, National and Provincial data sets 250,000 + Indicators Comps builder, Charting, and Export Request a Trial

Real-Time Market Data

Timely access to bid/ask spreads, pricing data, time & sales sheet, momentum analysis, and more. Shanghai Stock Exchange Level II Data Shenzhen Stock Exchange Level I Data Hong Kong Stock Exchange Level II Data Request a Trial

CapitalVue Qualitative Analytics

CapitalVue delivers detailed intelligence profiles on publicly listed corporations, FMCs, brokerages, institutions, state entities, and other organizations. Request a Trial

Research & Estimates

Aggregated Estimates, Ratings and Reports from hundreds of domestic brokerages. CapitalVue Research Note service provides deep insights from a wealth of data sets, in an executive style summary. Request a Trial

Industry Intelligence

Consolidated Research & News, Market Performance, Company Fundamentals, and Sector Data across hundreds of Industries and Sub-Industries. Request a Trial

Capital Markets Data

Comprehensive coverage of the Greater China Capital Markets
Fixed Income
And more... Request a Trial

CapitalVue Mobile Applications

The CapitalVue Mobile Terminal applications deliver on-the-go markets data, fundamental data, statistical data sets, and related news and content across an intuitive platform. CapitalVue Mobile

Macro Databases
Real-Time Market Data
CapitalVue Analytics
Research & Estimates
Industry Intelligence
Capital Markets Data
CapitalVue Mobile
  1. Request a Trial CapitalVue Financial Terminal

CapitalVue provides Greater China capital market, fundamental, and time-series statistical databases for hedge funds, investment banks, corporations, specialty advisors and other global institutions, through an integrated web-based financial terminal and mobile tablet device.

  • Greater China Coverage - Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong
  • Analytics – Proprietary Reports, CapitalVue Research Notes, Trade News, Sector Updates
  • Toolsets – Excel Plug-in, Data Screener, Mobile Applications
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Daily Market StatisticsDaily Market Statistics
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Latest Macro Data - QuarterlyLatest Macro Data - Quarterly